Allergy Alerts

Essential for sporting events, camps, school and any occasion you're not there to speak for your child. The bright colours make it easy to spot. Have allergies displayed and easy to find.
Allergy Alert TagAllergy Alert Tag
R 85.00
Allergy Alert StickersAllergy Alert Stickers

Allergy Alert Stickers

1 Sheet of 9 stickers
1 Sheet of 9 stickers
2 Sheets of 9 stickers
3 Sheets of 9 stickers
4 Sheets of 9 stickers
R 20.00
Seatbelt Medi-WalletSeatbelt Medi-Wallet

Seatbelt Medi-Wallet

Cover Option:
!! Important !!
!! Important !!
Autistic - Non-Verbal
Diabetic Type I
Diabetic Type II
R 45.00