1. How do I order?
The best way to order is via our online store. This way you immediately get your order number that must be used as your reference for all communication. Please use this number for ALL payments, queries and collections. Your order number will be a ‘#’ sign with 4 numbers, i.e. ‘#1234’.
2. Which payment method is better?
Online payments via payfast or ozow (previously i-pay) ensures that your order is automatically marked as paid, even before your order is emailed to us from our store. This is the best way to ensure that as little as possible hiccups occur.
If you need to pay via EFT, please use your order number as reference (always a ‘#’ sign with 4 numbers, i.e. #1234). Some banks give random reference numbers to payments, which is REALLY hard to allocate. If you see that this is the case on your proof of payment, please forward it to us with your order number in the subject line to ensure your payment can be easily traced and allocated. This will avoid unnecessary delays.
 3. When can I expect my order?
Our lead time differs from item to item and also depends on the demand at any given moment. For instance, if you’re going to order a stamp between August and February when the demand is at its highest, lead time will be approx. 15-20 working days. If you order one during our “quiet” season for stamps, the lead time can be as little as 5-7 working days.
*Please note that due to the whole Covid-19 situation, every aspect of business has been affected. Due to all the preparations and precautions that are necessary, everything is taking longer than we are used to. However, we really are doing our best to get your orders to you as soon as possible*
4. Why is my order taking so long?
This one is an extension of FAQ 3, so if I don’t answer your question here, please read nr. 4 too.
As AFG Designs largely deals in personalised items, every order is processed as it is received. Your order, as well as every other order, is custom designed. No part of our design or print process is automised. Every item is hand-printed. Every item is personally handled by at least one, if not both of us, working in the studio. It is packaged by hand and then either loaded on our courier system by hand, or you are personally notified by one of us once your parcel is ready for collection.
Each step in every process takes time – either design time, print time, dry time, etc.
So please, have a bit of grace with us. So if you can be anything, be kind.
5. Why aren’t you getting back to me?
Once again, we are only 2 people, so please bear with us. Here are a few possibilities:
  1. Some days we simply don’t have enough hands to get back to everyone.
  2. We’re busy helping another client(s)
  3. Our hands are full of ink – screen printing is often a 2-man (or lady) job.
  4. I forgot the office phone on silent (this happens more often than I’d like to admit)
  5. I might even be trying to sort your order out or finish it.
 6. But you said it will be ready tomorrow? Why isn't it done?
The information I give you will always be as accurate as possible at the time of our conversation. If something changed, I really do try to notify every party involved. Unfortunately I do sometimes slip up and miss someone. Sorry in advance.
7. How long does the courier take?
Anything from overnight to 5 working days, depending on where in SA you are based. Please take note: that I cannot take responsibility for third parties’ service deliveries. All couriers are independently owned third party companies.
8. How do I know if my order is ready for collection?
You will receive an email once your order is ready for collection. Please contact us to arrange a collection time – this is purely to make sure there is someone available at the office - being a mom, school rounds affects availability.
9. What products do you have?
Our “standard” products can be seen on our website. Products varying from our standard range can be arranged.
We offer most Trodat and Modico stamps and inks.
Then, we can supply any digitally printed item, from just about any size stickers, printed in CMYK, to printed banners, t-shirts, baby onesies, and more. We are also one out of only 5 companies in Pretoria who can print white on clear vinyl.
Other services we offer: design and print of business cards and flyers; supply of corporate wear; design and printing on t-shirts (single shirts to big batches), branding options for these are heat flex vinyl and screen printing (1-colour is done in-house).
If you have any queries on product availability, please email us at studio@afgdesigns.co.za
10. Can you send me a price list?
The short answer is “no”. The full answer is that due to the sheer amount of possibilities and options available on products, branding, colours and sizes, etc., it is impossible for us to provide a price list that can comprehensively cover all options.
11. Can you do custom stamps/hoodies/t-shirts?
Yes, we can. Please email us at studio@afgdesigns.co.za with what you have in mind.
Please include the following details:
  1. Item you need (t-shirt / hoodie / stamp / sticker)
  2. Size of item
  3. Colour of item
  4. Size of print
  5. Type of print (heat transfer vinyl / screen print) Heat transfer vinyl can be either a cut-out of a single colour, or a full colour print. Screen print requires a setup fee of R250 per colour + price per print. We only do single colour screen prints in-house. Two or more colours screen prints are outsourced.
  6. The design / picture / idea of what you have in mind.
 12. What are your business hours?
Monday to Thursday:                   8:00 to 16:00
Friday:                                           8:00 to 13:00
Weekends and Public Holidays:   Closed
Arrangements can be made for collections outside of these hours in case of emergencies.