Going DIGITAL during the Quarantine…

Mar 26, 20
Going DIGITAL during the Quarantine…

Going Digital during the Quarantine…
Let’s face it…the youth of today understands technology on a whole new level. During the “quarantine” stages there’s bound to be a gamer or two in your household.
Here are a few games they might enjoy…
….’load shedding’ permitting.
I know…blocks...it’s just blocks right….WRONG! Minecraft is probably the best game you can get your kid to play. It is creative and forces them to think ahead. It is a great game to play in groups, but is just as fun on your own. Remember to buy an extra texture pack to customize the experience…it is well worth it. Great packs include: Pure BD Craft SPHAX, Default 3D, Unity and Monsterly.  It is also worth mentioning that Minecraft is cross platform – it can be played on various devices.
Lego Marvel Super Heroes
Marvel did something right, and with SO many mini fans…it was just a matter of time before the game industry partnered with Lego to create this fun filled adventure.
Want to see it with your own eyes – click here
Child of Light
This piece of art is rich in story and extremely beautiful. It is easy to understand and a wonderful game to enjoy for all ages. I love the music and the finer details, the more you play…the more you are able to appreciate.
Trust me…you really do want to see this trailer
Ok so we have to admit it by now…we do have a gamer in our midst. Anje LOVES these games. She will setup her communications – usually her phone with earphones – and will talk for hours with friends. It will be quiet and the next moment someone will yell “I’m on my way”! It is amazing how the kids can connect with each other from such distances. This is of course a great solution for our little extrovert.  Roblox is fascinating to watch. The kids are able to play together via the internet …and hours go by before you see them emerging …usually for food. Not only do you get to play a bunch of game…you get to build your own games and share it with friends! This game is created by the community for the community.
Click here to enjoy the trailer
Ok…ok…another confession. I am a gamer myself….and I am ADICTED to overcooked. Who does not want to run around, cooking in ridiculous venues and laughing as much as panicking. This is an epic game to play with family and friends…and like minecraft, it is also available on various platforms.
Watch the trailer
Stardew Valley
This retro game was created by just one developer. It is a quaint tale filled with quest. Whether you decide to stay on the farm and cultivate your land, or go deep within the mines to gather all kinds of treasures…this tale is never ending fun!
Go checkout the trailer

All these games will result in hours and hours of exciting adventures…just a warning, once you start there is no stopping the fun!

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